About Solidarity

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Both Event Organizers (EOs) will provide free accommodation for a fixed number of Athletes.
Rooms will be allocated according to the following continental distribution:

Munich WCH     Gijon WCH

Oceania                        2                             4
Asia                              3                            16
Africa                           2                              4
Europe                         0                            10
Panamerica                 3                             16

Athletes will be accommodated in multi-bedded rooms.

Travel Contribution

The IFSC will support travel costs for a maximum of 750€/country.
Money will be given directly to the Athletes after the events and, in any case, only if the selected Athletes finally compete in the World Championships.
Funds will be allocated according to the following continental distribution:

Nr of countries

Oceania                     2
Asia                            7
Africa                         2
Europe                      2
Panamerica              7

How to Apply

If you think your Federation is eligible for the Solidarity Program, send the names of the Athletes to your Continental Council President:

  • Africa: IFSC Office – administration@ifsc-climbing.org and sport@ifsc-climbing.org
  • Asia: Mr. Anthony Seah – anthonyseah@me.com
  • Europe: Mr. Wolfgang Wabel – wolfgang.wabel@alpenverein.de
  • Oceania: Mr. James Maguire – james.maguire@crimper.co.nz
  • Pan-America: Mr. Alfredo Velazquez – alfredo.velazquez@ifsc-climbing.org and sport@ifsc-climbing.org

Deadline for submitting the list is June 15th

Please provide an equal number of males and females.

  • The Continental Councils will make the selection based on the continental quota (according to the tables above) and report to the IFSC Executive Board by Friday, June 27th
  • Definitive list to be published after the Executive Board evaluation.

IFSC Contacts

  • Continental Councils: see list above
  • Jérôme Meyer – Sport Manager: sportmanager@ifsc-climbing.org
  • Audrey Boutet – Sport Assistant: sport@ifsc-climbing.org
  • Francesca Jengo – Administration: administration@ifsc-climbing.org