Pan American Youth Championships 2014/ Campeonatos Continentales Juveniles 2014


26 – 30 November 2014.

Informacion / Information 

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Han hecho su solicitud de solidaridad para los mundiales?

Los campeonatos mundiales en Munich y Gijón llegan rápido.

Aunque la fecha límite para la solicitud del programa de solidaridad se halla pasado, podria haber ciertas plazas aún disponibles.

Información sobre el programa aquí 


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About Solidarity

Click here to know more about the IFSC Solidarity Program.


Both Event Organizers (EOs) will provide free accommodation for a fixed number of Athletes.
Rooms will be allocated according to the following continental distribution:

Munich WCH     Gijon WCH

Oceania                        2                             4
Asia                              3                            16
Africa                           2                              4
Europe                         0                            10
Panamerica                 3                             16

Athletes will be accommodated in multi-bedded rooms.

Travel Contribution

The IFSC will support travel costs for a maximum of 750€/country.
Money will be given directly to the Athletes after the events and, in any case, only if the selected Athletes finally compete in the World Championships.
Funds will be allocated according to the following continental distribution:

Nr of countries

Oceania                     2
Asia                            7
Africa                         2
Europe                      2
Panamerica              7

How to Apply

If you think your Federation is eligible for the Solidarity Program, send the names of the Athletes to your Continental Council President:

  • Africa: IFSC Office – and
  • Asia: Mr. Anthony Seah –
  • Europe: Mr. Wolfgang Wabel –
  • Oceania: Mr. James Maguire –
  • Pan-America: Mr. Alfredo Velazquez – and

Deadline for submitting the list is June 15th

Please provide an equal number of males and females.

  • The Continental Councils will make the selection based on the continental quota (according to the tables above) and report to the IFSC Executive Board by Friday, June 27th
  • Definitive list to be published after the Executive Board evaluation.

IFSC Contacts

  • Continental Councils: see list above
  • Jérôme Meyer – Sport Manager:
  • Audrey Boutet – Sport Assistant:
  • Francesca Jengo – Administration:
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Consulte la pagina regularmente/Consult the page regularly


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José Perurena Lopez elected International World Games Association President

José Perurena Lopez, member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), was elected President of the Internation World Games Association (IWGA) until 2018 at their Annual General Meeting in Belek, Turkey on Monday. He succeeds Ron Froelich, who served as President since 1992, and was unanimously appointed Honorary President by the delegates of the 36 member federations.


José Perurena commented after the election, “Thank you very much for your trust. Together we will take The World Games to the next level.” The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland will be the first edition under the responsibility of the new President.

While outlining his goals for the IWGA, Perurena added, “My plan for the future years is having an agreement with the IOC to use our multisports event for the possible alternatives of the future sports that go to the Olympics.”

Perurena is also President of the International Canoe Federation, which had two disciplines, Canoe Polo and Canoe Marathon, in the World Games 2013 in Cali, Colombia.

The IFSC wishes to congratulate the new IWGA President, and we look forward to seeing where he leads the World Games!

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Asamblea plenaria 2014- Paris

The 9th IFSC Plenary Assembly is over

The 9th IFSC Plenary Assembly is over

The 9th IFSC Plenary Assembly, hosted by the Fédération Française de la Montagne et de l’Escalade (FFME), just ended in Paris.

The President of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC), Marco Maria SCOLARIS, and the President of the Fédération Française de la Montagne et de l’Escalade (FFME), Pierre YOU, unveiled the goals of Sport Climbing and the IFSC in 2014.

A few months after the selection of the new sports to be included in the 2020 Olympic Games, both presidents took a step back and gave their point of view on the future of Sport Climbing in the coming years. Marco Scolaris said: “The 2020 bid was a great dream… and we woke up in China, where the next Youth Olympic Games 2014 will take place, and where Sport Climbing and Roller sports have been included as demonstration sports. This is a sign that apart from all the political issues, the IOC seems to have been positively impacted by the presentation made by our team and by the sport itself.” With this opportunity to be a demonstration sport at the YOG, Sport Climbing will benefit from extended international media coverage, allowing it to build its reputation and credibility.

Marco Scolaris followed up, “It’s not over yet. We must continue to work hard to show to the IOC that Sport Climbing is an Olympic sport. Its inclusion would benefit all parties, not only the sport and its athletes, but also the IOC. We have to impress this upon them by putting on a great show in Nanjing at the 2014 YOG.”

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Feliz Navidad / Merry christmas

La IFSC-PAC les desea a todos una feliz navidad y un prospero año 2011.

The IFSC-PAC wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2011.

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